DemandTools vs Duplicate Check: Which One to Choose in 2023?

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DemandTools vs Duplicate Check: Which One to Choose in 2023?
August 03, 2023
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Let’s imagine your Salesforce database as a vibrant garden filled with beautiful and unique flowers. Each of these flowers represents a customer or a prospect, a valuable opportunity for growth and success in your business.

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll know that taking care of weeds is part and parcel of the job. In a similar way, the presence of duplicate data in your Salesforce org can be likened to unwanted weeds sprouting in your garden among your flourishing flowers. If you didn’t take care of your garden for a long time, it will be overgrown and covered in weeds, and you probably won’t even be able to see your flowers at all.

It’s a problem many organizations face – too many duplicate records are hindering their ability to see the flowers in their data. When that’s the case, it’s time to start weeding out the duplicate data and restoring the garden to its former glory.

If you were pruning the weeds from your garden, you wouldn’t run around hacking everything with a machete slashing everything in sight. Such an approach would kill all the flowers. In the same way, identifying duplicate data is a nuanced process. It’s understandable that a company wants to remove duplicates with as much care as possible, or they could be removing valuable business contacts.

If you’re a Salesforce administrator or involved with data management in Salesforce, you’re likely aware that Salesforce has limitations in regard to handling and managing duplicate data. This is especially true once you have a larger set of data – manually removing and identifying duplicates is just not going to work.

So, you want to cleanse your Salesforce data and you’re stuck deciding which solution is best for you? We get it. There are many options on the market and understanding how each one differs from each other can be a challenge. To help you, we’re going to compare two popular solutions on the market today: DemandTools Elements & Plauti Duplicate Check. We are going to compare the features of each product based on the standard paid version, although it’s nice to know that each product has a free trial.

PRO TIP - We suggest always trying before buying!

Here is an overview of some differences between DemandTools Elements & Duplicate Check

Plauti Duplicate Check
DemandTools Elements
Unlimited seats
Starting at $5,50 seat/ month
Duplicate Prevention
Email verification
Fuzzy Matching
Processing options
Local, Cloud, Salesforce
Local, Salesforce
Demand Tools Elements Best Duplicate Check Alternative in 2023 smaller

Duplicate Check Overview

We have two great products to compare, and the big question is, what are some of the features that make Plauti Duplicate Check a product loved by many? Well, a good starting point is the user interface of Duplicate Check. This might seem trivial but is actually a very important point. From the moment you start using Duplicate Check as a native Salesforce solution, you'll appreciate its user-friendly design that puts you in control and feels familiar. No technical expertise or extensive training required. The tool's straightforward interface empowers you, and anyone in your organization for that matter, to navigate effortlessly and make the most of its powerful features. Whether you're a seasoned Salesforce user or just starting your CRM journey, Duplicate Check ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. What are some other highlights of Duplicate Check?

Core features 

  • Batch deduplication – Find & deduplicate records in batch 
  • Universal Prevention – Prevent duplicates from occurring on all data streams  
  • Multiple processing options – Duplicate Check allows for extended flexibility when it comes to processing data hygiene jobs and is the only solution to offer 3 types of processing options:  
  1. Local machine – use your local machine to run a job 
  2. Salesforce – run a job inside the native Salesforce cloud 
  3. Plauti Cloud – for large jobs and more processing power, run your job in the Plauti cloud. 

Additional features
Cross Object Matching
– Find duplicate across multiple object types
Auto Merge
– Batch merge records based on defined threshold parameters

 Pros of Duplicate Check 

Integration: Native Salesforce solutions are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce platform. They leverage Salesforce's built-in functionality, data structure, and user interface, making the implementation process smoother and more straightforward. Non-native solutions, on the other hand, may require additional configuration, mapping, and integration efforts to work with Salesforce. 
Familiarity and Consistency:
Native Salesforce solutions utilize the same user interface, navigation, and terminology as the core Salesforce platform. This familiarity allows users and administrators to quickly understand and adopt the new solution without a steep learning curve. Non-native solutions may introduce a different interface or workflow, requiring users to adapt to a new system and potentially undergo additional training. 
Unlimited users / seat
– You might be used to limits in Salesforce, but this isn’t the case when it comes to the number of seats you can have with Duplicate Check. Of course, you might not want every single user having access to every single feature, so it’s good to know that user permissions & access can be modified and controlled to a granular level.


Although it is the philosophy of Plauti to empower all users with data cleaning abilities, this does reflect as a higher cost compared to a license for one seat of DemandTools Elements. It would be nice to see an option for an individual seat license for small organizations that might only want one or two seats.

Duplicate Check Pricing 
At time of publication the current Duplicate Check plans and pricing options are as follows: 
Free / Free Plus version
– Trial version with some restricted functionality. No time limits 
– Starting at $588 / year (14-day trial available) 
– Starting at $2772 / year (14-day trial available)
– Custom price on request

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DemandTools Elements Overview

DemandTools Elements is the lighter version of the DemandTools Suite that focuses on the management of duplicate data. It works with both standard objects and custom objects and allows for the creation of custom matching rules and automating merges on a schedule. It also offers some advanced matching algorithms and other great features that make it a noteworthy product. Let’s review the core features below.

Core Features

  • Duplicate Dashboard - Monitor the number of duplicates in Salesforce and ensure your scenarios are addressing the many ways duplicates can be identified.
  • Merging on a Schedule - DemandTools Elements offers the convenience of automatic merging on a predefined schedule.
  • Custom Matching Rules - Custom matching rules allow you to define specific criteria and conditions for identifying duplicates based on your unique requirements.

Pros of DemandTools

Dashboard - The Duplicate Dashboard is useful because it allows you to see the total number of duplicates for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities in your Org from one handy place.

Email verification - DemandTools Elements boasts email verification as part of the solution. While this is neat, it should be pointed out that email verification will require the purchase of credits to make use of their BriteVerify module. Essentially, this is an add-on to the duplication management aspect of the platform. In the same way, Plauti also offers their own verification solution called Record Validation. You can check it out here.


Duplicate prevention would be nice to have in Demand Tools Elements. Duplicate prevention is an essential part of duplicate management. For duplicate prevention, you will need to purchase the full DemandTools suite. DemandTools suite consists of 10+ individual data quality modules to control, standardize, deduplicate, import and generally manipulate Salesforce and/or data. This suite is more comparable with Plauti’s flagship suite product, PDM.

DemandTools Pricing

At time of publication the current Duplicate Check plans and pricing options are as follows:
DemandTools Free
– Unlimited trial version with some restricted functionality  
DemandTools Elements
– *Starting at $5,50 per seat / month

*This is an approximate price that doesn’t include tax or a verified Salesforce seat count.

Demand Tools Elements Best Duplicate Check Alternative in 2023 smaller 2

DemandTools Elements Vs Duplicate Check - Fuzzy Matching

Both Duplicate Check and DemandTools Elements have fuzzy matching abilities, and both solutions boast 20+ fuzzy matching algorithms. So, when it comes to fuzzy matching, you can be sure both solutions will have you covered.

DemandTools Elements Vs Duplicate Check – Convert options

Plauti Duplicate check allows for batch converting matching records from different object types (lead to contact, lead to (person)accounts) based on threshold level. This can also be automated. However, converting records is not possible with DemandTools Elements.

To round this article off, we’ll take a look at some ratings at other aspects of DemandTools and Duplicate Check through the trusted rating website G2.

Bear in mind, these ratings can change so use the link to see the latest score. You can find it right here.

Duplicate Check
Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of Admin
Quality of Support
Good business partner?
Product Direction

As you can see, both solutions score highly through the rankings in G2. Instead of thinking which product ‘is better’, you should be asking ‘which product is more suitable to my business's needs’. It’s no doubt that DemandTools Elements is a great tool that brings efficiency and accuracy to your duplicate management processes in Salesforce. By leveraging these key features and benefits, organizations can create a clean and reliable Salesforce database, enabling them to make informed decisions, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive business growth.

On the other hand, Duplicate Check is a comprehensive duplicate management tool built with a new mindset towards data stewardship. The philosophy of unlimited seats for all versions of Duplicate Check ushers in a different ethos in the way poor data is managed; enable all users to participate in the process of data accuracy. At the same time, Duplicate Check offers cutting edge technologies to find and eliminate duplicate data. Combining a different approach to data management with these cutting-edge tools give new power that change the way companies work with data.

If you would like to learn more about how Plauti

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