Business Development Representative

Arnhem, The Netherlands (hybrid)

Picture this: stepping into work each morning with a grin that stretches from ear to ear, surrounded by an inquisitive and inclusive crew of sales superstars!

Here at Plauti, you're not just joining a team—you're becoming part of an electrifying and driven family. From day one, trust is the name of the game, and we empower you to chart your own course to growth. We’re all captains here, steering the ship together, so your insights and ideas carry immense weight. Need help or a brainstorm session? Our communication lines are short, ensuring support is always within reach.

Collaboration is our forte. We're all about that team spirit, and you'll catch a glimpse in our banter and memes, but that's a tale for another time ;-).

As an equal-opportunity employer, diversity isn't just a buzzword—it's our heartbeat. We cherish the myriad backgrounds and orientations that enrich our tapestry. With 20 nationalities and counting, every unique perspective adds to our vibrant mosaic.

Together, we forge a workplace where being the best version of yourself isn't just a goal—it's a daily reality. Our core values—embracing responsibility, embracing change, relishing freedom, inspiring others, discovering new horizons, and embracing transparency—are the guiding stars that light our path forward. Join us, and let's create something extraordinary together!

Business Development Representative

Your Sales Development Representative job

Are you an enthusiastic initiator with a talent for sparking meaningful discussions and cultivating fresh business prospects? Plauti is in search of a proactive Business Development Representative to join our expanding team based in Arnhem, nestled in the heart of the Netherlands. If you thrive on proactively reaching out to potential clients through outbound methodologies and relish initiating insightful conversations, then this role might be tailormade for you!

Role Snapshot: At Plauti, as a Business Development Representative, your primary task will revolve around identifying and cultivating sales opportunities through outbound strategies. Your responsibilities will include actively engaging with prospects via telephone calls, emails, and social media outreach. We're seeking an individual who can handle demanding situations effortlessly, brainstorm innovative approaches, and possess the self-motivation to drive towards success. A crucial aspect of this role involves understanding each prospect's specific needs to ensure a personalized approach in our outreach endeavors.

Key Duties:

• Cultivate sales prospects through proactive outreach and leveraging marketing leads.
• Initiate conversations with prospects through meticulous phone and email
• Consistently achieve set quotas for qualified opportunities to meet revenue targets.
• Create and implement effective prospecting strategies, including tailored email and
call scripts.
• Efficiently utilize for streamlined lead activity management and
• Proficiently articulate the product's value proposition to prospects.
• Conduct thorough account research, identify key decision-makers, and stimulate
avenues for account growth.

What We Desire:

• An adaptable, resilient individual with a naturally curious and positive outlook.
• Strong research abilities and a natural inclination towards technology.
• Comfortable engaging prospects via phone, email, and social media.
• Flexibility in working hours to accommodate prospects in the Central timezone (CT).

We welcome applications from international candidates and actively encourage diversity within our team. We prefer international profiles and invite individuals with a valid residence permit to work in Portugal/Netherlands to apply. Your diverse background and experience are invaluable to our team.

What we offer

  • Excellent working conditions;
  • You can choose your own devices;
  • You will be part of an ambitious team;
  • Your ideas and input are greatly appreciated;
  • We offer flexibility when it comes to workplace and working hours;
  • Work Hard. Play Hard. There is time for a game of FIFA;
  • Make use of our great team-building days;
  • Enjoy a good lunch while chatting with your colleagues.

You like what you read but you have questions before deciding to move forward. I got you! Happy to clarify any doubts, so you can make a good decision, whichever that is. If you are not ready to apply yet, email me your questions: If you are ready, talk to you soon!

What your day looks like
Replying to the emails you got during the night (since we work with US) and scheduling those emails to be sent when they wake up
Wherever you like
Starting with your follow-up tasks
Wherever you like
Weekly standup
Wherever you like
Following up to new leads from new trials and free installations
Wherever you like
Team lunch; after lunch beating your dev colleague with a Fifa match!
Calls to prospects in Europe
Wherever you like
Break for catching up with colleagues
Wherever you like
Calls to prospects in Europe
Wherever you like
Calling to the costumers in New-York, Michigan, Texas (and other states that are awake)
Wherever you like
Finishing up work and maybe a Fifa match in the game room!
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Phone call from our Corporate Recruiter, Hasret Seker
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