Merge Duplicates in Salesforce

Looking to streamline operations and improve customer experience? Our Duplicate Check for Salesforce app saves sales agents time and energy by easily identifying and merging duplicate records, leads, and contacts. With advanced algorithms, finding duplicates is simple. Merge records in Salesforce objects with ease.

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Why choose Duplicate Check

  • 100% Native: Easy installation and configuration. Immediate user adoption. No data transfer.
  • Safe and secure: No data transfer outside of Salesforce. Follows sharing rules.
  • Large Data Volume ready: Our biggest clients process millions of records.
  • Flexible and Extensible: Integrate in your custom processes with Apex plugins, API and Flow Actions.
  • All-in-one-solution: One solution to both find, merge and prevent duplicate records and more.
  • Automate everything: Choose manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic deduplication.

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