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Mass update, delete, convert...and more

Data Action Platform empowers end-users and admins with the ability to perform a mass update, mass delete, mass convert, mass create a task and many more actions. DAP will continuously offer more and more actions, and you will be able to add your own in the future.

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Run Actions from List View

Add the Action Launcher button to your List View pages to access your actions. Select records, press the button, select and configure your action and go! Increase your speed to lead and lessen the burden on your admins by ensuring sales, marketing, and support teams can prepare small sets of data themselves.

Run Actions in a Job

When the Action Launcher from the List View doesn't cut it. Run data modification jobs on large sets of data. For example, when you need to brush up the import of leads gathered at an event, need to reassign ownership when a team member leaves, or one of the thousands of other use cases. Restrict access to this feature to your admin and operations teams or open it to everyone, your choice.

Mass Delete

One of our basic actions. Clean up your data by swiftly deleting a double import or similar. You can opt to skip the recycle bin if you wish for total deletion.

Mass Delete
Mass Update

There are so many use cases for this, we are sure you can think of a few in your own Salesforce org. Mass update records with new values for one or more fields., all with a few clicks.

Mass Update
Mass Convert

Mass Convert your Leads to Contacts and, if you choose, Opportunities. To save as much time as possible you can choose to convert them as Contacts for an existing Account or create a new Contact and Account. Same goes for Opportunities: don't create an Opportunity, convert them all to the same Opportunity (new or existing) or create a new Opp for each convert in your run.

Mass Convert
Mass Create Task

Save time when following up on events by mass-creating tasks for a selection of records. Now your sales team is even faster in their follow-up, boosting their conversion chances.

Mass Create Task
Mass Assign Ownership

Assign Ownership of selected records. Decide how the records should be assigned in percentages (for example 50/50 or 25/75). Assign to users or groups.

Set Account Hierarchy

Define the hierarchy for a selection of Accounts via a drag & drop-interface.

Macros (preconfigured actions)

Save actions you perform regularly as a macro to save time. Run this action with a single click.

Audit Log

Conform to internal security & compliance requirements: See which actions are performed per user, per action, or per record. Diagnose performance issues, reconstruct account activity during an incident review and notice suspicious activity when it starts.

Configure access & limits

Provide easy access to your actions from a record, list view, or job. Control access and functionality per user profile. Set a maximum number of records to alter to prevent large-scale data loss.