DC Job page List Filter

Last published at: 2021-12-21 12:37:19 UTC

Filter jobs on the DC Job page to find a particular job, e.g. between a certain period of time.

Filter Job List

The filter icon  can be found on the top right corner in the DC Job page.

The filter can be configured in a way to find and show only jobs with criteria defined by the user.

Job Name Contains 
 Show jobs containing the defined value.
Show jobs containing a particular object.
Match With
Show jobs matched with a particular object.
Filter  Show jobs with or without an applied filter.
Auto Process
 Show Auto Merged or Auto Converted jobs.
Started After
Show jobs started after a specific date.
Finished Before
Show jobs finished before a specific date.
 Show jobs with X number of groups created.
 Show jobs containing X number of pairs.
 Show jobs containing X number of records.
Average Score
Show jobs by the average returned matching score (%)
Order by
 Show jobs in a certain order.  
 Sort jobs by descending or ascending *Order by* value.