PDM General release information

Last published at: 2024-05-24 12:47:54 UTC

The Plauti Data Management app will have new feature releases (focusing on new features but containing bug fixes if needed) and maintenance updates (containing smaller improvements and bug fixes) throughout the year.
Next to these minor releases, PDM can have patch releases for bug fixes that need immediate attention, without any prior notification.

For release notes of the latest and previous releases, see the release notes page‍.

If deemed necessary, PDM can be released in two phases - first a sandbox release, and then a production release two weeks later.

Both minor and patch releases are pushed automatically. There is no action required to receive these releases. If you have disabled auto-updates, you can download the latest version from the AppExchange website, or update via Plauti Cloud > Install Applications soon after the production release date; usually it is published at these spots a few days after the release date. The latest versions of the PDM apps DAP, DC and RV can be found there as well.

For more information about new releases for the PDM apps, please see