Auto run DC Jobs

Plauti Cloud for Salesforce

Last published at: 2024-02-05 14:51:58 UTC

Duplicate Check in Plauti Cloud can be set up to run jobs automatically. This means that after starting a job in Duplicate Check in Salesforce, you don't need to go to Plauti Cloud anymore to start the job there. 

With Auto Run Jobs enabled in Plauti Cloud, Duplicate Check will be polled every five minutes to see if there are any new jobs that need to be started.


Auto Run means Auto Billing as well!

Consider carefully whether you want to use Auto Run Jobs. Manual jobs are charged only at the point of starting them in Plauti Cloud. As there is no manual start in Plauti Cloud with Auto Run jobs, a job is started and charged as soon as a user starts a job within Salesforce (billable minutes only).
Read more about Billing here‍.

Enabling or disabling Auto Run Jobs

Auto Run Jobs can be enabled and disabled per Salesforce Org. To enable or disable Auto Run Jobs:

  1. Go to Plauti Cloud at
  2. In the left menu, under 'Duplicate Check', click Settings.
  3. At Auto Run Jobs, find the org you want to enable or disable Auto Run Jobs for.
  4. Toggle the switch to enable or disable Auto Run Jobs for that org.

You can now close Plauti Cloud, and any job in the org that is selected to run on Plauti Cloud will be started automatically. It is not necessary to keep the Plauti Cloud browser window open.

Jobs that are started automatically are processed in the same way as manually started jobs:

  • In the Jobs overview, at tab Pending and running jobs, the progress of the job is shown. Note that it might take a few minutes before the job is started. Click Refresh jobs at right to refresh the Pending and Running Jobs overview.
  • Once the job is finished, it will show up on tab Finished Jobs. It will also be shown in Duplicate Check in Salesforce, where you can process it further.