SF CLI (formerly SFDX) Plugins

Last published at: 2023-12-11 14:18:00 UTC

The Plauti Salesforce CLI Plugin is a plugin for Salesforce's SF CLI. The Plauti Salesforce CLI Plugin extends the SF CLI functionality so that it can interact with Plauti products such as Duplicate Check.
Read more here: https://github.com/plauti/plauti-sf-cli-plugin 

IMPORTANT: Migrating from SFDX to SF CLI

Salesforce has recently deprecated the SFDX Command Line application in favor of the Salesforce CLI. To properly use Plauti's command line plugin, please migrate from SFDX to SF CLI, as recommended by Salesforce.

  • Find the migration instructions here: Installation instructions SF CLI
  • If you are currently using SFDX (you are if any of the terminal commands you use start with sfdx) please make sure to remove it (removal instructions)
  • Plauti Salesforce CLI Plugin is compatible with the new Salesforce CLI.

The Plugin

The Plauti SF CLI plugin allows developers and devops to automate tasks that are related to Duplicate Check Licenses as well as Duplicate Check configurations. Export and import Duplicate Check configurations, create a DC Job from a CSV file, refresh your DC license, link or unlink a Sandbox org to/from your Production license, and list all Sandbox orgs that are currently linked to Production.

For example, if you have a build pipeline with different staging environments, you can use this to automate the installation of the DC Configuration, so that it is the same in all environments.

Another example: if you are working with Scratch Orgs, and you want to link a scratch org to your DC production license, you can do this via the plugin.

Find out how to do all this via https://github.com/plauti/plauti-sf-cli-plugin.