Sharing Duplicate Check Job Results

Last published at: 2022-02-08 14:30:49 UTC

Share Duplicate Check Job results via mail, tasks, or by sharing a direct link. Share an entire duplicate results list or a subset by applying a filter on "Owner ID", "Record Type", or "Object Filter". By doing this, you can grant access to a particular results list without granting the user access to all other duplicate check jobs.

You can only share results after running a Duplicate Check Job. After your Duplicate Check job is finished, you can access the results by clicking 'View Results'.

Optional: choose to apply a filter before sharing

Before sharing the duplicate results list with a user, decide if you want to apply a filter to your duplicate results list. The user that opens the shared results list will not have the ability to remove the filter. You can apply a filter to your results list based on meta-data (average score, pair count, etc.) or on "Owner ID", "Object Filter", or "Record Type".

You can apply a filter by clicking the filter icon  on the job results page.

In this example, we apply a filter on the "Owner ID"-field for user "Ruben Test" to create a duplicate results list that shows only the duplicate groups to which "Ruben Test" is related. Besides that, we're showing the duplicate groups ordered by "High Score", descending.

Share your job results

By sharing a list of duplicate groups via the share icon, the recipient can only enter the results shared with them. The recipient doesn't have the option to access other duplicate results if you disallow them access to the Duplicate Check Job Overview page.


Required permissions

To view the duplicate results and merge page, a user profile needs access to the "dupcheck.dc3BatchDetail" and "dupcheck.dc3Merge" Visualforce pages.

Restrict access to all other jobs

If you don't want your user to access all duplicate jobs on the Jobs Overview page, make sure the user profile does not have access to the "dupcheck.dc3Batch" Visualforce page.

How to set Visualforce page security from Profiles

You can share a duplicate results list via the batch results page by clicking the share icon.

You now have the option to share the duplicate results list in a task, by email, or to copy a direct link. In this example, we are sharing a task with a direct link to the closed-off results page with Chase. The only way to access the shared results lists is by opening the link.


You now know how to share duplicate results list with a user. Did you know you can share a specific merge page as well?