'Disable Duplicate Check' unchecked upon saving

Last published at: 2023-04-04 14:03:28 UTC


When I am manually creating or editing a record, I check the Disable Duplicate Check checkbox. But when I click Save, the checkbox is automatically unchecked again.



This behavior is by design. Duplicate Check can prevent duplicates from being manually inserted/updated by hard-blocking the "save." The Disable Duplicate Check checkbox is only for bypassing the prevention temporarily, so that users can save the record by setting the field value to 'True'. After saving/updating the record, the checkbox is set to 'False' again automatically.

Read more about this checkbox in step 3 of this article.

If you want to exclude certain records from being analyzed by Duplicate Check at all times, please use the object filter. Read more about the object filter at the bottom of this article.