Introduction to PDM

Last published at: 2024-07-05 09:24:08 UTC

Enable a true customer 360 within Salesforce

Welcome to Plauti Data Management, or "PDM" for short. 
Plauti Data Management is a complete data management solution that is native to Salesforce. Unify all customer data and create a trusted customer view, right within Salesforce. When Salesforce processing power does not cut it, use our technology to offload your data processing tasks to your own servers or Plauti's secure cloud solution.


Plauti Data Management combines the power of the different Plauti apps: Duplicate Check, Record Validation and Data Action Platform, to offer you a seamless data management experience. With PDM you can deduplicate, consolitate, verify & validate, standardize, enrich, and mass transform your data, plus much more.

The PDM app is where it all comes together. The PDM Dashboard shows you the latest info about all activities going on in the apps. Quickly access the main features of the different apps. And if you happen to have auto-update disabled (although we recommend keeping it enabled to stay up-to-date with the latest security updates) you can easily update all Plauti apps on all your ORGs simultaneously via Plauti Cloud.

To get started:

  • Start with Installing PDM. This will lead you to Plauti Cloud, where you can install the PDM app including the Plauti apps Duplicate Check (DC), Record Validation (RV) and Data Action Platform (DAP).
  • Then, set up the different apps to tailor their settings to your needs.