Phone number validations

Last published at: 2022-01-18 12:43:48 UTC

Learn how to set up Record Validation for validating phone numbers. If you're interested in how to use phone number validation, read our Usage Guide

The standard configuration of Record Validation maps the Lead, Contact, and Account Object Phone fields to the designated Country fields. The Country field value is used to determine which validation to apply. You can set a default value for the Country field in the Record Validation Setup, or define a Country value when entering a record.

Add Validation

If you want to add a phone field to use with Record Validation, you can click 'Add Validation'.

Pick a phone field you want to use with Record Validation.
Map the Country field. The value of the Country field determines the validation format.

Decide in what phone format you want to standardize your phone value.

E.164 (Default) - +1234567890
International - +1 234-567-890
National - (123) 456-7890
RFC 3966 - tel:+1-234-567-890

Allow Auto Formatting
Allow Record Validation to automatically format and validate your phone number values.

How does Record Validation validate your Phone Number?

Record Validation analyses your (international) phone number value and parses, validates, and formats based on your predefined Country value. Format your phone number on the fly with each digit a user enters or validate after the value is entered. It returns a value that is a valid, formatted phone number.