How to integrate Duplicate Check with Record Validation

Last published at: 2022-12-01 21:01:42 UTC

Duplicate Check for Salesforce can be integrated with Record Validation. Validate your records, and at the same time check whether the new record you're creating already exists in Salesforce.


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To have Duplicate Check work in Record Validation, apply a DC scenario to RV Insert and Update:

  1. In Duplicate Check, go to tab DC Setup.
  2. On the left-hand side, at Object Setup, click the Object you are using Record Validation for.
  3. At the Scenarios tab, find the scenario you want to use to detect duplicate records in Record Validation.
  4. At Apply To, select RV Manual Insert Prevention and RV Manual Update Prevention.

Apply a Duplicate Check scenario to Record Validation Insert and Record Validation Update

Applying the scenario to RV Manual Insert Prevention will trigger Duplicate Check's prevention feature when creating a new record. Selecting RV Manual Update Prevention will trigger DC prevention when updating an existing record.


Want to find out more about Duplicate Check and scenarios? Visit the Duplicate Check section of the knowledge base.