How to find your Salesforce Organization ID

Last published at: 2021-12-20 17:36:04 UTC

A ORG ID is a sequence of numbers and letters. This is what an ORG ID looks like. Example: 00A6A000002fFTL

You can retrieve your Salesforce Organization ID (also referred to as "ORG ID") from the Salesforce Setup or DC Setup. 

Salesforce Classic Setup

  1. Navigate to Setup - Administer - Company Profile - Company information.
  2. Look up ' Organization ID' at 'Organization Detail'.

Salesforce Lightning Setup

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup page.
  2. On the left find and click on 'Company Settings' and then click 'Company Information'.
  3. Look up ' Organization ID'.

DC Setup

  1. Navigate to the DC Setup page.
  2. At 'General Setup', click 'License'.
  3. Find your Organization ID at "Organization ID".