Duplicate Check on Plauti Cloud

Plauti Cloud for Dynamics 365

Last published at: 2024-03-28 15:32:37 UTC

Duplicate Check on Plauti Cloud is the Cloud-hosted alternative to DC Local. Both tools process DC Jobs outside Salesforce to speed up the job processing, especially for large jobs. Plauti Cloud has some advantages over DC Local, such as running jobs in parallel.

Currently the only type of job to run on DC Local is a Search Job (search for duplicates); in the future more job types will be available. 

  • Export jobs (export job results), or 
  • Index jobs (create a record index for better duplicate search results).

Jobs on Plauti Cloud can be started manually, by selecting jobs to start, or automatically, as soon as a job is available for starting. For the latter you don't even need to log onto Plauti Cloud, jobs are started fully automated.

Plauti Cloud hosting

DC on Plauti Cloud is hosted on Azure. Every single DC job that you start gets its own server. This temporary server is completely locked off, with no connection to the outside world, even Plauti cannot access it. The server can only send job status updates to Plauti Cloud, and only send and receive encrypted data from and to your Dynamics 365 environment. 

As Plauti Cloud job servers only run when they're needed, Plauti Cloud is more environmentally friendly than DC Local Server. The downside is that starting up a new server takes a few minutes, so there is a start-up time for each new job.

Differences between Plauti Cloud and DC Local

DC on Plauti Cloud DC Local DC Local Server Mode
No local installation needed Local machine installation Local server installation
Run multiple jobs in parallel Run one job at a time Run one job at a time
Job performance based on job size, infinite scaling Job performance based on local machine capacity Job performance based on local server capacity
Data processed on fenced-off dedicated server Data processed on local machine Data processed on local server
Configure how to collaborate with colleagues Single user Multiple users can start job
Auto start jobs fully automated Auto start jobs only when the app is running Auto start jobs fully automated
Scheduled jobs No scheduled jobs Scheduled jobs
Only runs when needed
Only runs when needed Always running when server is running