How to create a Duplicate Check license for your sandbox

Last published at: 2023-06-02 14:59:01 UTC

DC Sandbox licenses

Duplicate Check offers free sandbox licenses for your sandboxes. DC Advanced offers 5 licenses, and DC Premium offers 10. If you are using PDM, please contact Plauti Support if you need more than 10 sandbox licenses.
No Duplicate Check license yet? Apply for a free 14-day trial.

Every paid Duplicate Check subscription comes with complementary sandbox licenses for testing purposes. You can link one or more sandboxes via Plauti Cloud or our Salesforce SFDX Plugin. Linking via the SFDX Plugin is explained in SFDX Plugins‍, step 4. "Sandbox Linking".

Linking a Sandbox to your DC license via Plauti Cloud‍ is done in a few steps:

  1. Log in to Plauti Cloud with your Salesforce Production org login data
  2. Make sure your Production org is connected in Connections
  3. Create a connection for the Sandbox org you want to link to your DC license
  4. Link‍ the Sandbox connection to your Production connection via Licenses > Link Sandboxes.

These steps are explained in more detail below.


When you refresh a sandbox, its ORG ID changes and the link with your production license is lost. Please follow the steps above again after refreshing your sandbox.

1. Log into Plauti Cloud

  1. Go to .
  2. Log in using your Salesforce Production ORG login data.
  3. If this is your first time visiting Plauti Cloud, first follow the steps in Getting Started with Plauti Cloud‍, and when asked to create a connection, choose Salesforce Production. Then continue at the next step 2. Check your Production org connection below.

2. Check your Production org connection

  1. Go to Connections (bottom left).
  2. Check that there is a connection present for the Production ORG that has the DC license that you want to link your Sandbox to. If not, click + New Connection top right to create a new Production connection.

3. Create a Sandbox connection

  1. Click + New Connection top right to create a connection for your Sandbox org.
  2. Select Salesforce Sandbox and click Connect.

  3. Allow access to Plauti Cloud - Connect.
  4. Agree to the Data Processing Agreement.

The Sandbox connection will now appear in the list of connections. Repeat if you want to create multiple Sandbox connections.

  1. At left, go to Licenses > Link Sandboxes.
  2. If you have multiple Production connections, at top right, select the Production connection with the DC license that you want to link the Sandbox to.
  3. Click Link a Sandbox Connection.
  4. In the pop-up, select the Sandbox you want to link and click Link.

The Sandbox org is now linked to your Duplicate Check license.


Custom Field error when linking Sandbox license

When linking or having linked a sandbox to your Duplicate Check license, you might get an error stating

"Custom Field *** is configured in a scenario, but custom fields are not licensed."

To solve this, perform a hard license refresh in the Sandbox. Execute the following code in Developer Console > Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window:

Database.executeBatch(new dupcheck.dc3LicenseBatch());