Manual Insert / Update Prevention in Salesforce Classic

Last published at: 2022-02-08 14:56:07 UTC

Duplicate prevention upon manual entry in Salesforce Classic shows potential duplicates in the native entry page upon their entry or update. It prevents the user from saving a duplicate record and gives the option to bypass this prevention by using the 'Disable Duplicate Check' checkbox.

DC Manual Insert / Update prevention will trigger:

  • upon the creation of a new record
  • upon the update of an already existing record

When it's triggered, the feature will show a warning message and a list of the found duplicates.

In Salesforce Classic we can show the potential duplicate records (see example image above) since we can fully integrate into the native entry page of Salesforce. In Lightning, Salesforce has closed the page off and limits what Duplicate Check can show to only a text notification. Third party apps are not allowed to use any code. Therefore we cannot show the potential duplicate record that is found in details. To see the duplicates found and to be able to process them further, you need to replace the Salesforce native entry page with the DC Entry page.

If a new entry record is shown as a duplicate, but you consider it a fake duplicate, simply allow the creation of the record by disabling the Duplicate entry/update prevention for this record by checking the 'Disable Duplicate Check' checkbox. Learn how to add the 'Disable Duplicate Check' Checkbox in this article.