Schedule a Duplicate Check Job

Last published at: 2022-02-08 14:28:52 UTC

Duplicate Check's Schedule feature is available in the Advanced and Premium version only.


Schedule Duplicate Check Jobs for finding duplicate records in Salesforce. When setting up a new job, you can schedule the job to run automatically at a frequency that you decide.

You can create a scheduled job from the Duplicate Check Job page. A scheduled job can be started and configured by clicking on the   button located in the 'Add new job' popup.


 Decide to schedule your job daily, weekly, monthly, or create a Custom Cron job.
Start Time (GMT)
Decide at what time you want the job to start the job. 

Custom Cron job

Run a DC job every circle hour
0 00 * * * ?
Run a DC job on every 1h and 5m
0 05 * * * ?
Run a DC job on every 1h and 20m    
0 20 * * * ?

At the scheduled tab on the DC Job Overview page, you will be able to see all scheduled jobs.

Start Now
Start the job immediately, regardless of its scheduled time.
Keeps the schedule configuration and deactivates the scheduled time until activated again.
Deletes the scheduled job.