Set for Merge

Last published at: 2022-02-08 14:09:26 UTC

The Set for Merge feature is available in the Advanced and Premium Editions.


A user who does not have delete rights on an Object will see the 'Set for Merge' button instead of the 'Merge' button on the Manual Merge page.

Set for Merge functionality

The user can select which fields to keep in the merge. After the user clicks the 'Set for Merge' button, the duplicate set will be added to the DC Job overview page. There, a user with delete rights, for example, a System Administrator, will be able to proceed with the merge. They can view and change the user's selection and decide whether to merge or discard the flagged records.

The job details will contain the username of the user who requested the merge.

Merging without delete rights

If you want a user without delete rights to be able to perform a merge, you can do so by enabling either 'Override CRUD when performing merge' or 'Override sharing rules when merging records' in the Object Settings.

Override CRUD A System Administrator can decide that a user without Create, Update or Delete rights can merge anyway. 
Override sharing rules Sharing Rules decide whether a record is made public or private. If a record is set to private, only the owner can access it. If a System Administrator overrides the sharing rules, users can merge regardless of the sharing rules settings.

Disable Set for Merge

If you don't want your users to access any functionality related to merging at all, you can disable Set for Merge in the Object Settings. After you disable Set for Merge, users without delete rights will not see a Merge button in DC Live, and on the manual merge page, the 'Set for Merge' button will be disabled entirely.