Can't find flow for Run a Flow

Last published at: 2023-01-13 14:50:09 UTC


- When I create a Run a Flow action, it says 'No flows available' at Select Flow, even though I have a number of flows in my Org.

- The flow I want to use in the Run a Flow action does not show up in the Select Flow select list.


Not all flows can be used in the Run a Flow action. Make sure that your flow is:

- Active. If you added a variable for example, you need to save the flow as a new version, and reactivate it as well.

- Created as Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger). Several flow types are autolaunched, but only flows that were created as Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger) can be used in the Run a Flow action.
Note that the Flows overview in Salesforce groups all different autolaunched flow types together in the Process Type column.
To find out whether a flow is of the correct type:

  1. Open the flow from the Flows overview in Salesforce Setup.
  2. At top left, click the View Properties  button.
  3. In the Edit Version Properties pop-up, click Show Advanced.
  4. At Type, it should say Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger).