DAP Analytics not shown

Last published at: 2024-04-30 07:39:35 UTC


Some widgets of DAP Analytics on the DAP Setup page are empty or state “No data found”. An error message states “Unable to load graphs”.

DAP Analytics only shows new data

Note that even in the widgets that do display content, only data is shown that was collected after you updated to the version that introduced DAP Analytics. Earlier data is not shown. Once you have used DAP after the update (ran some actions) analytics will start to show.



For the contents of DAP Analytics to show, Lightning Web Security should be used instead of Lightning Locker for protecting Lightning Web Components. 
This can be set in Salesforce Setup > Session Settings > Lightning Web Security: Use Lightning Web Security for Lightning web components and Aura components.

If Lightning Web Security is enabled, DAP Analytics should all be visible. Please contact Plauti Support if this is enabled yet the DAP Analytics widgets are still empty.

If Lightning Web Security is disabled, Lightning Locker still is in use and not all graphics for DAP Analytics can be displayed. Contact your Salesforce Administrator to change this. After enabling the setting, make sure to do a hard refresh in you browser.