The DAP Setup page

Last published at: 2022-04-19 19:22:00 UTC

This article explains about the settings within DAP itself. For information about setting up DAP in Salesforce, see Installing DAP.

After installing‍ DAP, you can configure the different DAP features. We recommend doing this before granting your users overall app access‍.

DAP is configured at the DAP Setup page. To open DAP Setup:

  1. In your Salesforce Org, go to the App Launcher and open the DAP app.
  2. In the DAP app, go to tab DAP Setup.

The page opens at the Setup Home. Here you see 

  • A summary of your license in the License block. It shows your license type, when the license will end, and your Organization ID. Click View all to see all license information.
  • The Release Notes of the features, classes and bugfixes that were added in the latest release. Click All Release Notes to read the release notes of previous versions.

At the left you see a menu bar for more options: License‍, Action Library‍, Documentation, Audit Log‍, and Settings‍. See their respective pages for more information.