Run A Flow action

DAP action

Last published at: 2023-06-19 09:28:45 UTC

The Run A Flow action is available for the Premium and PDM licenses.


This article is about running a Flow as a DAP Action. For starting a DAP Action within a Flow, see Start an Action in a Flow‍.

Use the Run A Flow action to execute your flows as a DAP action. By running flows as an action, you can:

  • Apply a flow to multiple records in one go.
  • Let you end users run the flow, dependent on their action assignment settings. No need for an administrator to run the flow!
  • Monitor the flow executions in the Audit Log.
  • Add custom actions to the Action Launcher, by creating a Macro based on a flow
  • Extend the options for master record rules and more, by running a flow action in DC job results.

Flow in Macro for end users

Using the Run a Flow action requires some configuration, such as mapping the record ID to a variable. To make it easier for you and your end users, create macros based on the Run a Flow action. That way you only have to configure the action once for each flow; the configuration is saved in the macro (and cannot be changed when running).


To set up and use a Run A Flow action, you need:

  • The Salesforce Flow you want to run. Only flows that were created as an 'Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger)' can be used. Read more here.
  • A Flow Variable available on the flow: a custom input variable on the flow for passing on the record ID. It should have Data Type: Text, and be available for input outside the flow.
  • The Run Flows system permission.

Run a flow as an action

  1. Select the records that you want to use the flow on in a list view, or by creating a new job.
  2. In the Action Launcher (top right in list view, or the next window in the DAP Job modal), select Run  a Flow and click Next.
  3. Select the flow you want to use.
  4. Select a flow variable to map the Record ID to.
  5. If enabled, change the Chunk Size to fit the needs of the flow (available for DAP Job and Macros).
  6. Click Next > Start.

The flow is now applied to all selected records. You can check the results in the Audit Log.


Settings for the Run a Flow action

Settings for the Run a Flow action, such as the default Chunk Size‍, or the option to let end users change the chunk size, can be set in DAP Setup > Action Library > Run a Flow: Edit


Flow versions in Jobs and Macros

If you have created a Scheduled DAP Job or Macro based on a Run a Flow action, the scheduled job or macro might be in use for quite a long time. In the meantime the selected flow might be updated once or more to a new version. 

Scheduled DAP Jobs and Macros will always use the flow version that is active at the time of running, even if an earlier version was selected at the time of creation. In the Audit Log you can see for each run which flow version was used.

Use Case

Watch an example of how to use the Run A Flow action to apply a flow to a list of records. You can also apply a flow in a DAP Job.