Address validations

Last published at: 2022-01-18 12:45:50 UTC

Learn how to set up Address Validation. If you want to know how to use Address Validation, please read the Usage Guide.

Record Validation automatically configures and maps your standard address fields for the Lead, Contact, and Account Object. If you want to adjust your configuration (adding more/fewer fields to your current fieldset) or add a validation for a new set of fields, access the Record Validation Setup page. 

Add Validation

To use a different set of fields with Record Validation, you can add a Validation by clicking 'Add validation'. Street, City, State, and Country are mandatory fields for acquiring a valid validation. 

Instead of showing field labels, it's also possible to show the fields' API names.


How does Record Validation validate your address?

Record Validation will parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and formataddress data for over 240 countries and territories. 

Parsing engine 

The parsing engine standardizes and cleanses addresses from unstructured and semi-structured data, automatically placing elements into the correct fields and eliminating erroneous non-address data.


Verify will indicate the validity of each address value included in the input address, reducing costly errors. This solution can validate both partial and complete address inputs.


Auto-Complete will predict, in real-time, the verified complete address a user is entering with each keystroke. This feature reduces address entry time by up to 80% and cuts back data entry errors at the point of capture by more than 20%.


Record Validation transliterates words or letters from different global character sets into Roman characters across eight scripts, including Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Hangul.