Email validations

Last published at: 2022-06-09 09:26:11 UTC

Record Validation has configured the email fields for your Lead, Contact, and Account Object. Contrary to Phone and Address validation, Email validation is not linked to a Country field.

Add Validation

If you want to use an additional Email field with Record Validation, click 'Add Validation'.

Email Pick the Email field you want to use with Record Validation.
Allow Suggestion Decide if you want Record Validation to make suggestions based on your (partial) input.

How does Record Validation validate your Email Address?

Record Validation will analyze your input based on:

  • Syntax Check (check if the email address is RFC822 / RFC2822 compliant)
  • DNS Check (check if the email domain resolves correctly and has working MX mail exchanger records)
  • Freemail Check (determine if the email address is a freemail address, i.e., from a service providing free email)