Address validation upon insert

Last published at: 2022-01-18 12:15:41 UTC

Record Validation can validate your addresses when inserting or editing a record. If you want to configure a specific set of fields to validate, please read our Setup Guide.

Validate with offered suggestions

To search and validate an address, simply enter a value in the "Search Address" field. This can be a partial address or a full address. Based on your input, Record Validation will make you a suggestion, by finding exact or similar addresses. 

By picking an available suggestion, Record Validation will auto-complete and divide the full address value to the right fields. 

Validate without suggestions

If you don't want to work with suggestions, Record Validation offers a 'validate current address' button after entering your address in the designated fields. This button is available after you fill in the address fields, or if you edit an address that is not validated yet. 


How does Record Validation validate your address?

Record Validation will parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories. 

Parsing engine 

The parsing engine standardizes and cleanses addresses from unstructured and semi-structured data, automatically placing elements into the correct fields and eliminating erroneous non-address data.


Verify will indicate the validity of each address value included in the input address, reducing costly errors. This solution can validate both partial and full address inputs.


Auto-Complete will predict, in real-time, the verified complete address a user is entering with each keystroke. This feature reduces address entry time by up to 80% and cuts back data entry errors at point of capture by more than 20%.


Record Validation transliterates words or letters from different global character sets into Roman characters across 8 scripts including: Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Hangul.