Result Fields

Last published at: 2023-10-12 07:40:29 UTC

The fields defined at the Result Fields tab of Object Settings are the fields that are shown whenever Duplicate Check return results. These fields are also included in the returned record result details after a DC Job completion on the DC Results page, and in the DC Export‍. Furthermore, when merging duplicates, you have the option to select "Result Fields Only", where only the result fields are show for assessment when merging.
The Result Fields feature works with all objects.

In this example, the result fields that are set for this object are First name, Last name, Record type ID, Email, and Mobile phone.

Adding Result Fields

Result Fields are set per object. To add or edit the result fields of an object:

  1. In Duplicate Check, go to DC Setup.
  2. On the left, under Object Setup, click the object you want to add fields for.
  3. On tab Result Fields, move the fields to add from *Object* Available Fields to *Object* Result Fields.

Look up a field in the search box of the *Object* Available Fields column or just scroll down to find it. Select a field and then click on the right-pointing arrow to move it to the *Object* Result Fields column. All fields in the *Object* Result Fields column will be shown wherever Duplicate Check shows results, such as at the DC Job results page. Change the order in which the fields are shown there with the up and down arrows at the right. 

Click here to watch a short video of how to find and configure DC Result Fields