Duplicate Check Job

Last published at: 2022-06-20 11:24:18 UTC

On the DC Job page, you can start a new job, apply a filter to it, schedule it for later, add the Auto Convert feature and process the results automatically. The results from the job will be presented on the DC Results overview page after job completion.

On the DC Job page, there is a blue button on the top right side, the 'Start A New Job' button.

Clicking on the button lets you configure your new job. You can configure the following.

Job name
At 'Job name' enter a name for your job.
Select Object
Select the Object you want to search for duplicate records in.
Match with
Select the same Object twice to search in the same Object. Select a different object to start cross object search. Learn more about Cross Object.

At 'Scenario', pick the scenario you want to apply to your job.
Note: Only scenarios from the Object that is selected at 'Match with' are available for selection.

Learn more about scenarios.

 Add a filter to this job. Learn how to configure and start the filter on this page.
Schedule this job to run automatically at a frequency that you decide. Learn more about Scheduled Jobs.
Auto Merge/Convert

Auto Merge all duplicate records from a threshold defined by you.
Auto Convert all duplicate records from a threshold defined by you.
Learn more about the Auto Merge feature.
Learn more about the Auto Convert feature.


After the DC Job finishes, process the results on the DC Results Overview page.


For large DC Jobs or to speed up the process, you can use DC Local‍.