Flow Action - Direct Process

Last published at: 2022-02-11 10:26:20 UTC

The Flow Action feature is available in the Premium Edition.


The "Direct Process" flow action lets you add a record to be processed in Duplicate Check's Direct Processing feature.

Step 1 Configure Direct Processing to process records that are added via a flow

  1. Navigate to the DC Setup.
  2. Open the Object you want to configure this for.
  3. Navigate to the "Direct" tab. 
  4. Apply a direct Convert or direct Merge to "Flow".
    Learn more about Direct Processing

Step 2 Store a Record ID to serve as input

The "Direct Process" flow action needs a Record ID to serve as input for the action. For example, store an ID in a variable, or collect it from a screen flow.

Step 3 Use the "Direct Process" flow action

  1. From the Elements section, drag a new Action to the screen from the Toolbox on the left side.
  2. In the New Action dialog, search for "Process record via Direct Processing". 
  3. At "Label", define a name for your action. If the API name is not set automatically, make sure an API name is defined as well. 
  4. At "Set Input Values", make sure to insert a Record ID. 
  5. Optional: At "Async", decide if you want to process the duplicate synchronically or a-synchronically. By default, the record is processed synchronically. 
    If you want to process the records a-synchronically, make sure to switch the toggle to include the Async option. As a value, enter a Global Constant set to true. 
  6. Click "Done".

Step 4 Connect your actions to the start trigger

Make sure your actions are connected to the start trigger.

In this example, we're first collecting a Record ID via a screen flow that serves as input for the Direct Processing flow action

Step 5 Run the flow

Run the flow by clicking "Run". 

Direct Processing action result

After running the flow, the action returns a parameter that can be used further in the flow. For example, show a notification to the user if the action succeeded or failed. 

A boolean that returns "True" or "False".