Apex Plugin

Last published at: 2022-08-04 08:55:23 UTC

Duplicate Check's Apex Plugins are only available in the Premium edition.

The apex plugins feature allows the extensions of Duplicate Check functionalities with apex customizations needed for the correct working in any customer Salesforce Org or processes. 

The following plugins are implemented and available.

Search Plugin
The Search Plugin will provide you with the search results every-time a search is executed via Duplicate Check.
Prevention Plugin
The prevention plugin allows you to execute custom apex code whenever a record is created or updated. The result of this custom apex code gives you a status of the updated or created record.
Merge Plugin
The merge plugin allows you to execute custom apex code before or after the merge is done or when the merge has failed.
Convert Plugin 
The convert plugin allows you to execute custom apex code before or after the convert is executed or when the convert has failed.
Direct Processing Plugin
With the direct processing plugin the standard flow of the direct processing feature can be modified for individual direct processing requests.
Merge Set Master Plugin
With the Merge Set Master plugin there is the possibility to override the selected master record to a record defined via code.
Merge Set Field Plugin
With the Merge Set Field plugin the field selection of a merge can be altered or even custom values can be set for individual fields.
After Index Search Plugin
Use the After Index Search plugin to feed records into the DC index search.