API Single Insert / Update

Last published at: 2022-02-08 15:13:41 UTC

The 'API Single Insert' feature detects duplicates that enter your Salesforce Environment from API’s. The record can be new or an update to an existing one. All duplicates found will be presented in groups on the DC Job page with the option for further action by the user like merge, convert or discard.

API Single Insert can also be combined with our Direct Processing tool, to automatically merge and convert duplicate records at the entry point without any user interaction.

Step 1 Activate API Single Insert / Update prevention

In order to automatically find duplicate records that come in via an API, we have to activate API Single Insert / Update prevention. 

  1. Navigate to DC Setup - *Object* - *Object Settings*.
  2. Enable "API Single Insert".
  3. Navigate to the "Scenarios" tab. 
  4. Pick a scenario that you want to use in detecting duplicate records that come in via an API. At "Apply to", make sure you apply the scenario to "API Single Insert / Update". 

Step 2 Monitor duplicates, or activate Direct Processing

Now that duplicate prevention is enabled for records that are created via an API, you can monitor incoming duplicate records at the DC Job page

Duplicate Check will automatically create one job a day, containing duplicate records that are found that day. You can access the job, manually merge results, or automatically merge results

Direct Processing

In our Premium edition, we offer the option to automatically merge incoming duplicate records at the point of entry, using Direct Processing. Find out more.


Duplicate Check never blocks a new record from coming in. Because of that, there is no data loss at any point and no interruption of automated processes. Potential duplicate records can be reviewed manually, or processed directly, but they will always be created in Salesforce.