Start a Cross Object job

Last published at: 2024-02-20 17:24:22 UTC

Duplicate Check lets you find duplicate records across different Objects with the Cross Object feature. This feature is available in all paid editions and trials. Read on to find out how to set up a cross object job.


  1. The Cross Object setting should be enabled. See step 1. of this short article, or watch this short video.
  2. The fields you want to compare between objects, to determine whether two records are duplicates or not, should be mapped to each other. See step 2. of this guide, or watch this short video.

Start a Cross Object job

To analyze your database for duplicate records across different objects, start a DC Job for Cross Object.
For extensive information on how to start a DC Job, read more here‍.

  1. Go to the DC Job page.
  2. At top right, click New Job
  3. At Job Name, enter a name for your job.
  4. At Select Object, select the first Object you want to include in the cross object search.
  5. Click Add Cross Object
  6.  At Match With, select the second Object you want to include in the cross object search.
  7. At Scenario, pick one or more Scenarios‍ you want to apply to your job.
    Only scenarios from the Object that is selected at 'Match With' are available. To use a scenario from the first object, switch the objects around.
  8. Decide if you want to add a Filter‍, Schedule‍ the job, or add an automated conversion‍.
  9. Select a way of processing the job.
  10. Click Start.
  11. After the job is finished, access the results by clicking View Results

You have successfully executed a Duplicate Check Cross Object job.


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