Unique Import

Last published at: 2022-02-11 15:44:34 UTC

The Unique Import feature is available in the Advanced and Premium editions.


When importing any records into Salesforce, it is likely that some records will match your existing data, creating duplicates in your Salesforce Organization. Duplicate Check for Salesforce comes with the Unique Import feature, which matches your imported data with your existing data. After analyzing the data, it allows you to merge the duplicate records. Import data without worrying, let Duplicate Check for Salesforce do the job and keep your data quality as high as possible.

The Unique Import feature can be enabled in the *Object* Settings.

Duplicate Check Unique Import feature does not have its own import tool but it works with any tool available for Salesforce (Salesforce Data Import Wizard, Dataloader.io).

Make sure to apply a scenario to Unique Import feature. Otherwise, it won't work.
After an import, a job will start automatically at the DC Job page.

Duplicate Check will trigger itself only after an import of 2 or more records. These records must be imported as 'new records' and not as an 'update' to any existing records.

If the job gets aborted or does not complete, then a 'unique import' button will appear. After clicking the button, the Unique Import job will continue.


This knowledge item will show you step-by-step how to configure and use the Unique Import feature.