Duplicate Check Local General Information

DC Local for Salesforce

Last published at: 2024-04-19 14:00:54 UTC

DC Local is available for the Advanced and Premium editions.

About DC Local

Duplicate Check Local is an application that can be installed on any laptop or computer. It is installed either on the same machine as where you use Salesforce (DC Local), or on a different machine (DC Local Server Mode‍). The advantage of DC Local on your own machine is that it offers slightly more features, while with DC Local Server Mode you can have DC Local installed on a separate machine without the need for all users to install it on their own device.

DC Local processes data on a local machine and returns results to the Salesforce Cloud Service. These results can then be used in further user actions in the Salesforce environment.

Use Duplicate Check Local to run DC Jobs or DC Export with the processing power of your local device. This way the data can be processed much faster.

Download DC Local for macOS here.
Download DC Local for Windows OS here.

For DC Local Server Mode downloads, see Duplicate Check Local Server Mode General Information‍.

System Requirements

  • RAM: 16GB or more, of which 12GB allocated to DC local
  • CPU: 8-core processor
  • 500GB SSD hard disk
  • Screen resolution of at least1400x1050.
  • MacOS 64bit, Windows 8 64bit
  • Internet Connection: Secured Broadband Internet connection, Broadband Router Wi-Fi internet connection


DC Local is compatible with all Salesforce editions, except for the DC Local Auto Merge feature. To use DC Local Auto Merge, Salesforce Enterprise or higher is required.

The Process

Duplicate check local will download your encrypted data via a secured connection from the Salesforce Cloud.

DC Job

When starting a Duplicate Check Job in DC Local, encrypted records in Salesforce are temporarily stored on your local machine until all duplicate results are found. When the job is finished, results are pushed back to Salesforce, where you can review the results and execute an (automatic) merge or convert. The encrypted records will automatically be removed from your local device, keeping it 100% safe and secure.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of data you want to process with DC Local, job completion time may vary.

DC Export

DC Local creates a file with the data exported from the Salesforce Cloud, and stores it on the local machine where DC Local is installed.

Currently not fully supported by DC Local

  • Scheduled Jobs --> Only if you are also using DC Local Server Mode.

    Generally speaking, use DC Local Server Mode‍ or Plauti Cloud‍ for Scheduled Jobs.