Duplicate Check Local Server Mode General Information

DC Local for Salesforce

Last published at: 2024-05-23 07:44:31 UTC


Duplicate Check Local Server Mode is an application that can be installed on any server, laptop, or computer. 

DC Local Server Mode processes data on a server and returns the results to the Salesforce Cloud Service. These results are then ready for further user actions in the Salesforce environment.

With the introduction of DC Local Server Mode, end-users do not need to install the DC Local app on their own system. Jobs sent to DC Local from within the Salesforce environment can now be processed automatically.

DC Local Server Mode is available in addition to the Premium edition of Duplicate Check. Please email us at support@plauti.com if you would like to receive pricing for DC Local Server Mode.

Download Duplicate Check Local Server Mode for Windows OS here.
Download Duplicate Check Local Server Mode for Linux DEB here and RPM here.

Recommended System Requirements

RAM: 2 GB or higher
CPU: Multi-core processor
SSD hard disk (minimum of 10GB available)
Linux or Windows 8 and up, 64bit
Internet Connection: Secured Broadband Internet connection, Broadband Router Wi-Fi internet connection

The Process

Duplicate Check Local Server Mode will download your encrypted data via a secured connection from the Salesforce Cloud.
The data will be stored on the server where DC Local Server Mode is installed for as long as the DC Local Job is proceeding.
After the DC Local job is finished, the results are imported back to the Salesforce Cloud, and all the data downloaded previously is deleted permanently from the server.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of data you want to process with DC Local, job completion time may vary.

Current features supported by DC Local Server Mode

  • DC Jobs
  • Auto merge jobs
  • Search Index creation
  • Scheduled jobs