Frequent Words not fully ignored

Last published at: 2024-04-05 14:36:05 UTC


I have added a frequent words list to a field in my scenario, but words from that list are not always ignored for that field when calculating the matching percentage.

For example: 

If "Architects" was added as a frequent word, the word is not fully ignored in cases like this:

Value 1 Value 2 Score
Willson Architects Willson 100%
Willson Willson & Son 77%
Willson Architects Willson & Son 64%

In row one, "Architects" is correctly ignored, and both values score as 100% duplicates of each other.
However, on the third row, the score that should be calculated is 77% instead of 64%, as "Architects" should be ignored. 


Since Duplicate Check version 2.253 a setting called "Activate Improved Frequent Words Handling" is available for existing installations. After activating this setting, Duplicate Check will handle defined Frequent Words‍ correctly regarding matching and scoring.

Check if this setting is activated:

  1. Go to DC Setup.
  2. At left, under General Setup, click Settings.
  3. Scroll to the Critical Updates section at the bottom of the Settings page. 
  4. Make sure the Activate improved frequent words handling in matching methods setting is set to ACTIVATED.
    If not, activate the setting by switching the toggle.
    Warning - Activating Improved Frequent Words cannot be undone.