RV Entry - URL Addressable

Last published at: 2023-11-02 12:05:57 UTC

The RV Entry Lightning Component can be accessed via a URL that can be built up to configure the form. This allows you to create a link that opens an entry page for a specific object and record type, and pre-populate values. In addition, a success or cancel URL can be set.

Base Path 

To open the RV Entry Lightning Component, the URL has to consist of the base path, which is placed after the Salesforce domain. In addition, choose to configure the form by using the available parameters.



Build your link by placing the required c__objectApiName parameter after the base paths question mark. If you want to add additional parameters, divide the parameters with the "&" character. 

Example: c__objectApiName=Account&c__recordId=00Q090000011OGpEAM

Parameter Description Example
c__objectApiName The Object API Name. This parameter is required c__objectApiName=Account
c__recordId Record ID. Use this parameter if you want to edit a given record.  c__recordId=00Q090000011OGpEAM
c__recordTypeId Record Type ID. Use this parameter if you want to create a record with a certain record type.  c__recordTypeID=012090000008VO0AAM
c__defaultValues To pre-populate field values in the form, use a URL encoded JSON string as value.  For example, see below. 
c__successUrl Use this parameter to override the URL target after a record is successfully saved.  c__successUrl=https://www.recordvalidation.com
c__cancelUrl Use this parameter to override the URL target after a user clicks the cancel button.  c__cancelUrl=https://www.recordvalidation.com

Setting default values 

To pre-populate values in the RV Entry form, use the c__defaultValues parameter. The value for this parameter should be an URL encoded JSON string. There are many free online tools that can help you with encoding JSON.


 "Field_API_Name" : "Value",                        // For example - "Email" : "ruben@plauti.com" //
 "Field_API_Name2" : "Value"



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