How to store Status Code and other RV info in a custom field

Last published at: 2024-04-23 14:22:38 UTC

Store the Status Code or Phone Type that was returned upon record validation in a custom field, so you can use this information for reporting or any other purpose.

You can store any status code Record Validation returns for Address, Email or Phone values, as well as the status message, date and time of validation, and the Phone Type, in a text or date/time field. In newer RV versions, custom status code fields were mapped upon install for (Person) Accounts, Contacts and Leads.


  • Make sure you have text or date/time fields available for all different types of Record Validation data you want to store. When storing RV data, existing values are overwritten, not appended. Each type of data (status code, status message, etc) needs its own custom field. Create a custom text field (or date/time field for Date and Time of Validation) if needed.
    For (Person) Accounts, Contacts and Leads, custom fields for status codes were created upon install (e.g. "RV Shipping Address Status Code").

Do not use the "RV Record Status" or "RV Validation Result" fields to store status codes or other metadata. These fields are used to make Record Validation work for custom objects. If status codes or other metadata are stored in these fields, Record Validation will not work anymore for that object.

Store validation metadata

To set up storage of Status Code or Phone Type:

  1. Go to the RV Setup page.
  2. At left, under Object Setup, select the Object you want to store the status code or phone type for.
  3. Navigate to the Address, Email or Phone tab.
  4. At a field set, click the Edit  icon.
  5. In the select lists for the data types you want to store: Store status code in, Store status message in, Store date and time of validation in, or Store phone type in, select the field you want to use for storing that particular RV information.
  6. Click Save. 


The status code that is stored in the custom field is a number that refers to a status message. The phone type that is stored in the custom field is a classification of the phone number (for example: "Mobile" or "Toll-free number").