Phone number validation upon insert

Last published at: 2022-01-18 12:12:57 UTC

Record Validation can format and validate your phone numbers upon inserting or updating a record. If you want to configure additional phone numbers fields to be used with Record Validation, read our Setup Guide.

To validate your phone number, simply enter a value in the phone number field that is configured to work with Record Validation. Record Validation will analyze your input and will convert it into the defined Country format standard. 

The default format is E.164. You can change the format standard at via RV Setup > Phone > edit the phone validations.


How does Record Validation validate your Phone Number?

Record Validation analyses your (international) phone number value and parses, validates and formats based on your predefined Country value. Format your phone number on-the-fly when a user enters each digit, or validate after the value is entered. It returns a value that is a confirmed valid, formatted phone number.