Record Validation Entry page

Last published at: 2024-04-26 20:07:58 UTC

Record Validation Entry is a replacement entry page that you can use instead of the standard Salesforce entry page. It validates fields while filling them out or editing them in the record. You will immediately see if there are any unvalidated fields.

If you add new fields to any of your Objects, they will show up on the Record Validation Entry page. You might need to log out and log back in again since Record Validation Entry is only updated once per login session.

Default country

The default country for your validations is the country as selected in RV Setup under Settings. Click the flag button on the top right of the Record Validation Entry page to change the country for the record you are working on. This will then be the default country for all validations on that single record. Pick a country from the pick list, or use the search bar to find your country of choice.

This country will then be used for each field that RV can validate on that record. You can manually select a different country for each phone field.

Personal Default Country

Changing the default country with the flag button only applies to the one record you change it at. If you often need to validate for a country that differs from the default country, you can set your own personal default country.
Click the flag button and find the country you want to set as your personal default country. Tick the star icon behind the country name. An information bubble pops up, confirming that this will be your default country.

The country you set will be remembered and used as default country on all records you validate fields on. Of course you can change the country again if you need to change it for one record. To revert back to the standard default country, simply untick the star icon in the country pick list.

Field Validation

When creating a new record through the Record Validation Entry page, you can directly validate Addresses, Phone numbers, and Email Addresses.

Address Validation

To search and validate an address, enter a value in the "Search Address" field. This value can be a partial address or a complete address. Based on your input, Record Validation will make you a suggestion by finding exact or similar addresses.

Email Validation

Type in the email address, and Record Validation will check if the email is valid and is in the correct format. In addition, Record Validation does a Syntax, DNS, and Freemail check.

Phone Validation

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates, and formats them to your preferred standardization.


For each validation, Record Validation returns a status code and status message. You can save this status data in a custom field for reporting.


RV Entry for Digital Experience

In Digital Experience, RV Entry looks slightly different from other environments. 

  • There is no "Save & New" button, only a "Save" button. 
  • "Cancel" only works in Edit Mode. To close the RV Entry page in Create Mode, use the X icon at the top.