Team Management

Last published at: 2023-12-06 12:43:02 UTC

Manage your team and its members in Team Management.

At bottom left you'll find Team Management. Here you can manage and view the details of the team you are currently logged into. All team members have access to Team Management, but only Owners and users with the role Manage Users can make changes.

Managing your team 

Invite new members, grant Support access and more

On the Team management page, you see all users of the team. As a team owner, you also have some options for managing the team at top right: Support, Invite, Edit, and Delete.

Support Grant Support Access Grant Plauti Support access to your Team. You can set a date when the access should end. After granting access, the button turns blue to indicate access has been granted. Click again to revoke access earlier than the set date.
Invite Team Member Invite a new team member to join the team. They will need to have access to your Salesforce org or Dynamics 365 environment to be able to join. Copy the invitation link and send it to the new member. The link will stay valid for two days.
Edit Edit the team name.
Delete Delete the team. This cannot be undone!

Managing Users

All team members can view the team's other members. If they click on their own user record, they'll have the option to leave the team by clicking Leave  .

Editing a user

On the Team Management overview page, click on a user to make changes. At top right you have a number of options available:

Edit Team Member Add or remove Roles to grant team permissions. See below.
Pause Team Member Temporarily deactivate the team member.
Activate Team Member Activate a paused team member.
Delete User from Team Remove the team member from your team.

Pausing a team member

When you temporarily deactivate a team member with the Pause option, they cannot log into your team anymore until you activate again. Do note that they can still log into other teams where they are a member, and can create new teams.

Roles and Permissions

The permissions within your Plauti Cloud team are determined by which roles users have. A user can have several roles, and permissions of the different roles are cumulative. Owners of the team can do everything and therefore do not need any other roles. A team must always have at least one Owner.

With the different roles, you can:

DC User Run DC Jobs, view the Job History.
DC Admin View DC Jobs, view the Job History, and edit the DC Settings for this team.
Manage Connections Manage the connections with Salesforce orgs and Dynamics 365 environments.
Manage Users Edit the roles of users in the team.
Owner All of the above, plus invite new team members and delete the team.

To change the roles of a team member:

  1. At bottom left, go to Team Management.
  2. Click the user you want to change the role of.
  3. At top right, click Edit.
  4. In the pop-up menu, click in the Roles field.
  5. Select one or more roles from the select list. Remove roles by clicking its Remove  icon.
  6. Click Save.

When the user in case refreshes their Plauti Cloud page, or logs out and in again, they should have their new permissions.