Auto Process

Last published at: 2024-02-06 14:53:47 UTC

The Record Validation Auto Process feature automatically validates addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses by the rules defined in a scenario for each field. You can find the scenarios on the Auto Process page.

Configure Auto Process

The Auto Process feature processes batch job results. You can find the Auto Process configuration page in RV Setup, under 'General Setup'. From this page you can configure the scenarios for each field used by the Auto Process feature.

Add a new scenario

Click the 'Add new scenario' button to add a new scenario. Give your scenario a name and click 'Save'. You can use the default scenarios or create and configure your own.

Status codes

Record Validation automatically validates the field value and returns a status code that provides information about the validation. For every status code that Record Validation returns, it’s possible to link an action.


Use Validation Accept Record Validation's suggestion. The status dot will turn green.
Keep original Keep original value. The color of the status dot will not be altered.
Remove original value Remove original value. The field will be cleared.
Skip for manual processing The validation will remain in the job to be processed manually. The color of the status dot will not be altered.

Multiple suggestions for addresses

When validating an address, it’s possible that Record Validation is not able to validate the given values to one single address, because there are multiple suggestions. In such a case, you can decide to accept the first suggestion or to skip the address for manual processing.

Use first suggested value RV picks the first value from the list of suggestions. The status dot will turn green.
Skip for manual processing An RV job will be created. The color of the status dot will not be altered.

Example: An address has been validated in an RV Job. The job returns status code 513: "Current address is verified up to Stage/Region. Suggestion contains an improved, verified address up to Street." You want to take over RV's suggestion.

Link "Use Validation" to status code 513. Now, when you Auto Process the RV Job, all addresses with status code 513 are updated with their suggested address and their status dots turn green.

Start an Auto Process job

You can start an Auto Process job from the Record Validation Job page by clicking the Auto Process button on a finished batch job.

After clicking the Auto Process button a configuration pop-up will appear. Mark the fields you want to validate and select a scenario.

Click Start Job to start the Auto Process job.
Afterwards, any records that could not be processed automatically can be processed manually by opening the job results on the Record Validation Job page.


Learn more about how to start an Auto Process job in this article.