Getting started with the Advanced edition

Last published at: 2022-02-14 16:08:36 UTC

Thank you for using the Advanced edition of Duplicate Check for Salesforce. The Advanced edition has a couple of unique advantages in comparison with the free edition. In this article, we will show you how to use the maximum potential of the Advanced version.


Before you get started with the Advanced edition and its features, make sure that you have refreshed your Duplicate Check license to make the Advanced edition live. Navigate to this tutorial to learn how.

These are the key features you get with the Advanced edition. You can learn more about and how to use them by following the links.

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching is analyzing all kind of values with spelling errors, typing mistakes or different formatting and brings back the best results possible when using Duplicate Check. The Search Index is a feature that comes with the Fuzzy Matching, and it helps Duplicate Check to compare records in a more advanced way. Learn more in this article.

Cross Object

The Cross Object feature can find duplicate records across different objects. If you have leads that are already contacts, Duplicate Check will find them. Learn more about how in this article.

Extended Duplicate Prevention tools

Besides the basic prevention features in our Free edition, the Advanced edition offers some additional features for preventing the creation of duplicates records in real time, upon entry, right after a bulk import and more. Learn more about these features: DC Live, Unique Import, Web to Lead. 

Automated Merge / Convert tools

You can now merge or convert duplicate records automatically. Records can be entered one by one or in batches; Duplicate Check can merge or convert them for you and save a lot of time. Learn how in our Auto Merge and Auto Convert articles.

Scheduled deduplication jobs

Automate the entire process of finding and merging duplicate records. You will be able to schedule jobs that will run automatically at a frequency that you decide yourself. Learn how in this article.

Export Results

You are now able to export duplicate check jobs results to a .CVS file format. With this feature, you can create reports about the status of your database based on the fields that you decide yourself. Learn more about DC Export in this article.

Use Duplicate Check with all Objects

Duplicate Check is now able to work with all Objects in the Salesforce environment, even the custom Objects. Learn how to apply Duplicate Check to your custom object in this article.

Advanced discard

An algorithm that sometimes tells Duplicate Check that some similar records are in fact unique records and flags them 'false positive' duplicate records. Duplicate Check will not show them again as potential duplicates. Learn more in this article.