Top 6 Mass Action Tools - Maximize Your Salesforce Potential in 2024

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Top 6 Mass Action Tools - Maximize Your Salesforce Potential in 2024
March 10, 2023
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When you have a large volume of data and records in your Salesforce org, having to perform actions one step at a time for hundreds, or even multiple thousands of records can become a pain point that and use up a lot of your company’s time. To solve this dilemma, you need to automate some of the laborious manual tasks. In the industry, the automation of these processes is generally referred to as ‘Bulk Actions or Mass Actions.’ Plauti Data Action Platform (DAP) is a the perfect solution for performing bulk operations in Salesforce, but what alternatives are there?

Bulk actions refer to the ability to perform an action on multiple records at once rather than individually. This can be useful when working with large data volumes (LDV), as it can save time and increase efficiency. For example, if a sales team wants to update the status of a group of leads to "Qualified," they can use a bulk action to update the status of all selected leads at once rather than updating each lead individually.

Similarly, if a team wants to delete a group of outdated records, they can use a bulk action to delete all selected records at once rather than deleting each record individually. Luckily, Salesforce provides several built-in tools and features for performing bulk actions, such as the Data Loader, Mass Update, and Mass Delete. Additionally, there are many third-party tools and apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

They all vary in their abilities, features, and pricing models. As there are quite a few tools on the market, finding the best solution for your needs can be tricky. To help you in your quest to automation heaven, we have compiled a list of some of the most sought-after solutions available in 2023.

* NB: The terms 'bulk update’ and 'mass update’ are often used interchangeably between solutions and competitors, although they generally refer to the same thing when used within the same context.

Top solutions for 2023

  1. GridMate (website)
  2. Apsona (website)
  3. Plauti Data Action Platform (website)
  4. Cloudingo (website)
  5. Insycle (website)
  6. Kcloud Mass actions (website)

1. GridMate

GridMate is a Salesforce Lightning component that enables users to manage and visualize data within their Salesforce org. It boasts a range of useful bulk action abilities that can streamline your organizations workflow.


Features & benefits:

  • Mass Delete — Mass deletes records in bulk.
  • Mass Edit— Users can edit multiple records at once using the grid interface, saving time, and reducing errors.
  • Mass Assign Records — You can assign records in bulk with Gridmate.
  • Mass Convert Leads — GridMate provides a flow to mass convert a list of leads.
  • Mass Create — Mass create tasks.
  • Mass Email — GridMate provides a Mass Email action. This action can be added to the Actions menu and made available to the end-user.
  • Mass Share — GridMate provides a default custom action to share a list of records with a User/Group/Role.
  • Find & Replace — Search your records and mass replace specified values.
  • Mass Clone — Clone multiple records from the data grid.

2. Apsona

Apsona for Salesforce is an add-on application for Salesforce available through AppExchange. It offers several handy features for managing bulk actions.


Features & benefits:

  • Mass update — Search and filter to the records you want and update up to 5 fields of all those records with the values you provide.
  • Mass delete — You can delete data records from any object, either one-by-one or on mass.
  • Mass convert leads — You can convert any list of Leads into Accounts and Contacts, with an option to create Opportunities, in just a few clicks.
  • Mass change ownership — Assign and change ownership of records in bulk.

3. Plauti Data Action Platform (DAP)

The Plauti Data Action Platform is a Salesforce bulldozer with some serious heavy-lifting abilities. It empowers admins and end-users to perform many bulk actions, such as mass update, mass delete, mass convert, mass create a task and many more actions.

Plauti DAP

Features & benefits:

  • Mass Delete — Delete multiple records with the Mass Delete feature.
  • Mass Update — Using the Mass Update action you can update several records with identical data.
  • Mass Convert — Using the Mass Convert action you can convert multiple leads in one go.
  • Mass create task — Use the Create Task action to create an identical task for multiple records in one go. You can create tasks for all users or divide them evenly.
  • Mass Assign ownership — Use the Assign Ownership action to assign ownership of records to users, groups, or queues, dividing the records evenly between users or based on a custom distribution.
  • Create Account Hierarchy — See how accounts are related and change the hierarchy of multiple accounts in one go. Define the hierarchy for a selection of accounts via a drag & drop-interface.
  • Find & Replace — Use the Find & Replace action to find records with a specific (full or partial) value in a field and replace them with a given value or field variable in bulk.
  • Macros — Create powerful macros that you can use in your workflow to make life easier and save time.
  • Account hierarchy — Change the hierarchy of multiple accounts in one go.
  • Custom Actions — Easily set up your own custom actions and run them from a List View or in a Batch Job.

4. Cloudingo

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Cloudingo makes it onto the list again with some great bulk action features. Cloudingo is not native to Salesforce, so if that is of major importance to you, you may want to consider other solutions.


Features & benefits:

  • Mass Delete — Cloudingo allows you to create a unique list of records that you want to delete in bulk.
  • Mass Update — Create a unique list of records that you want to update in bulk.
  • Mass Convert — Mass convert Leads to new Contact records and associate them to corresponding Accounts.
  • Mass Standardize — Mass standardizes multiple objects with ease.
  • Mass Find & Replace — Find & replace fields for multiple records.
  • Transfer account ownership — Mass transfer account ownership for any subset of records. This action keeps all associated contacts, opportunities, and tasks intact.

5. Insycle

Next on our list is Insycle who's Bulk Operations module allows user to perform some key mass actions that can save your organization precious time. Again, this is not a Salesforce native application, so you might want to skip ahead if that is a deal breaker for you.


Features & benefits:

  • Mass Update — Bulk update any field in Salesforce that is writable.
  • Mass Delete — Bulk Clear Values from any Field.
  • Mass Assign ownership — Perform ownership changes in bulk.
  • Macros — This is the only other solution besides Plauti DAP that allows for creation of macros.

6. Kcloud Mass Actions

Kcloud Mass Actions is helpful for organizations that want to perform actions like mass edit, mass deletions, and mass updates on records. Although this solution does not offer an extensive list of capabilities, it might be useful and suite your needs.


Features & benefits:

  • Mass Update — Mass update records from any List view or related list.
  • Mass Delete — Mass delete records from any List view or related list.
  • Mass Edit — Perform mass edits.

Comparison Table

As we've done in previous comparison posts, here is a table with an overview of the main features available in each solution.

Best Bulk Mass Action Tools to Automate Your Salesforce in 2023

What's right for your organization?

Some of the solutions in this article are what are known as "grid applications". This means you can load a selections of records in a view and then perform bulk actions on those selected records. In some cases, those views will have a records limit, sometimes 50 or 100 records. If you want to process millions of records, doing it in this way will be impossible. A unique strength of Plauti DAP is the ability to process bulk actions in a batch job, meaning you can run a job on millions of records. Be sure to make the distinction when looking into various solutions available.

We hope this list has helped you understand some of the differences between the various solutions available on the market. Although you are now armed with some added insight, you might still have some questions about how which solutions are best suited to your situation. If so, head over to Plauti today and contact one of our subject experts to discuss your needs further.

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