Drive marketing results with a unified and trusted customer view in Salesforce

Restore trust in your data

Imagine calculating campaign ROI based on duplicate leads, creating behaviour-based segments with a fragmented customer view or reporting on the number of leads without validating their email address. Unify, standardize and validate your data in Salesforce to run more targeted and timely campaigns that deliver better results.

Fearlessly integrate your marketing tools in Salesforce

Data integrations in Salesforce can cause a dispersed and inaccurate view of your leads and customers. Create an accurate and complete customer view by integrating our solution with any data source or workflow. Perform automated deduplication, consolidation, standardization and validation of data at point-of-entry.

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Improve email marketing performance

Just emailing to all addresses in your database is a sure way to jeopardize your sender reputation and erode the trust of your recipients. Duplicate records and unvalidated email addresses lead to either a double email for the same person or no email at all. Protect your sender reputation and increase deliverability by working with pre-cleansed and pre-validated marketing lists.

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“Plauti has helped us hone in on our fans and their affinity with our club leading to a 55% reduction in the length of sales cycle and 250% uplift in engagement.”
Hart Zwingelberg
Hart Zwingelberg Director Business Intelligence | Chicago Fire FC
Customer experience
Deliver a flawless customer experience

Prevent leads and customers from receiving duplicate communications or no communication at all. Make sure your customers enjoy a smooth experience across all touchpoints. Consolidate and deduplicate data into a unified 360-degree customer view. Standardize and validate addresses, phone numbers and emails – all within Salesforce.

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