Drive bottom-line growth with a unified and trusted customer view in Salesforce

Improve Salesforce ROI

The centralized 360-degree customer view that should be the result of the investment in Salesforce is troubled by bad data quality. Duplicates cause a dispersed customer view and missed revenue opportunities. Unformatted and invalidated data cause a loss of productivity, thus an increase in overhead costs. Enable a true customer 360 in Salesforce and drive bottom-line growth by seamlessly integrating our data quality solutions with any data source and any custom process inside of Salesforce.

Improve compliance while reducing security risk ratings

Bad data quality makes it hard to be compliant, so improving it is imperative. But improving data quality outside of Salesforce increases security risk and adds another point of compliance. Explore how our Salesforce native data management solution enables the full potential of the customer 360 without decreasing your security ratings or increasing your compliance overhead.

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Accelerate business growth with a flawless CX

Imagine duplicate or irrelevant communication, undelivered emails and unconnected calls. Show customers you know them by properly addressing their needs and wants at every step of their journey - from marketing to customer service. Better leverage your data by consolidating, standardizing and validating it into a single 360-degree customer view, all within Salesforce, and make sure your customers enjoy a smooth experience across all touchpoints.

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“I really like the flexibility of Plauti. It gives us exactly what we need in identifying and merging duplicates, without having to build, test and maintain a large code base.”
Anuj Kapoor
Anuj Kapoor Senior Project Director | Education First
Improve alignment between teams

Marketing, sales and service teams lose valuable time trying to find lead and customer data because it is fragmented within Salesforce, dispersed over multiple systems outside of Salesforce or simply invalid. Streamline teamwork and better leverage data across teams with a single and complete customer view in Salesforce. Alignment starts here.

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