Drive sales results with a unified and trusted customer view in Salesforce


Speed up the sales cycle

Trust is key in selling. But it is easily eroded by undelivered email, unconnected calls, double follow-up or irrelevant follow-up. Prevent missed sell, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by enabling a consolidated, duplicate-free, standardized and validated 360-degree view of the customer. Follow-up on leads with the right message, at the right time and shorten your sales cycle.

Lift morale & team spirit

Imagine contacting a lead who has already been contacted by your colleague. Or the frustration that comes with wasted calls and undelivered emails. Maximize sales rep confidence and motivation by providing them with a complete and trusted view of their contacts. Empower your sales reps to instantly see whether they can trust their data.

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Better and more accurate forecasting

Duplicate leads cause inflated pipelines and incomplete lead data causes skewed lead scoring. Wrong contact data adds to this by assigning leads to the wrong territory and sales rep. Make sure your pipeline represents a trusted and 360-degree view, with automated deduplication, standardization and validation of incoming leads.

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“Plauti has helped us hone in on our fans and their affinity with our club leading to a 55% reduction in the length of sales cycle and 250% uplift in engagement.”
Hart Zwingelberg
Hart Zwingelberg Director Business Intelligence | Chicago Fire FC
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