Address Validation for Salesforce: DataGroomr vs. Plauti Record Validation in 2024

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Address Validation for Salesforce: DataGroomr vs. Plauti Record Validation in 2024
November 27, 2023
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TL;DR: Accurate address data is crucial for businesses, especially in logistics. The article compares Plauti Record Validation and DataGroomr for address validation in Salesforce. Record Validation offers extensive features, including live validation and geocodes, making it a comprehensive solution. DataGroomr, while useful, lacks certain features. Record Validation's unlimited seats and geocoding capabilities make it stand out, especially for logistics-focused businesses. Try Record Validation's free 14-day trial to evaluate its effectiveness in addressing specific business needs.

Your customer and client address information are a crucial link in your customer data chain. When this information is inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect, things can go horribly wrong. If you’re involved in any logistics department, you know this well. There’s nothing worse than having to chase up an order sent to the wrong location. Not only does it consume valuable time and money, but it can have a negative impact on your reputation and trust between you and your customer.

Address data is not only useful for making sure you can promise timely and correct deliveries, but it also allows you to gather insights about your customers buying habits across different locations. Often, addresses are entered incorrectly or partially complete into a CRM or database because of human error. Additionally, everyone enters their address data in a standardized format, so inconsistencies in address information can easily build up over time. Selecting the right tool for validation can significantly enhance organizational efficiency and customer outreach. This article provides an insightful comparison between Record Validation and DataGroomr, focusing on their capabilities in address validation.

Record Validation Salesforce clean data

Record Validation

Record Validation is a part of a comprehensive suite designed for enhancing the accuracy of email, phone number, and address data within Salesforce. What if you’re looking for address validation solutions only? Don’t worry, RV is an excellent choice even as a standalone solution. It boasts extensive and powerful features that make it a fierce rival to be up against. Here are some of its core features:


  • Data Formatting and Validation: Facilitates both manual and automatic processing of data as a native Salesforce app or through APIs and Flow Actions​​.
  • Direct Validation: Automatically validates records upon entry, improving efficiency and data reliability​​.
  • Address Validation: Offers extensive address validation for over 240 countries, including geocode addition for improved accuracy​​.
  • Efficiency in Data Entry: Reduces postal delivery failures by up to 70% and accelerates manual data entry by 78%​​.
  • Live validation: RV Live is a lighting component that can be added to any page on Salesforce for immediate, live validation.


  • High Deliverability: Achieves up to 97.5% email delivery rates on opt-in lists.
  • Reduced Data Entry Errors: Lessens data entry errors by 20%.
  • Unlimited seats: No additional costs for seats / licenses.


Mainly useful for organizations on Salesforce.

Record Validation Pricing

Plauti Record Validation offers a free trial with 100 credits and a premium plan starting at $39/month, billed annually. The premium plan includes features like Record Validation Live and detailed reporting​​.

Datagroomr logo


DataGroomr is another well-known tool for data verification in Salesforce, offering several useful features to help companies keep their address data in shape. Let's explore it's features, pro's and cons.


  • Data Verification: Provides data verification & validation for addresses, minimizing errors in data processing​​.
  • Native Salesforce Integration: Operates as a standalone app within Salesforce for seamless and live data verification​​.
  • Integration with Postal Authorities: Aggregates data from various sources for global address accuracy and suggests corrections for errors​​.
  • Easy Data Verification: Native Salesforce integration allows for easy data verification without the need for data export/import​​.


  • Enhances organizational operations by reducing costs associated with returned shipments and failed deliveries​​.
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to higher conversions​​.


  • Live validation features are not as rich and flexible as Record Validation


DataGroomr offers a free 14-Day trial. Additionally, DataGroomr offers a free version with a monthly credit allotment for spot verifications. Additional credits for bulk verification can be purchased within the app​​. For additional pricing details please see contact DataGroomr.

Comparative section

DataGroomr vs Record Validation: User seats

Record Validation, like all Plauti products, comes with unlimited seats. This means anyone in your org can access and take advantage of the features of RV. Of course, you might not want everyone in your org to have access to every feature, so it’s good to know that you can also delegate and customize the rights and privileges of your users to match your needs. With DataGroomr, you will be charged you extra for every additional seat you want to add to your org. If you plan on having multiple users access this solution, you should carefully consider these additional costs.

DataGroomr vs Record Validation: Geocodes

While DataGroomr effectively addresses various data quality issues, it does not provide the ability to confirm and enhance data with Geocodes. Record Validation, on the other hand, stands out by integrating geocoding into its data validation process. Geocodes enable the association of spatial information with each record, offering a layer of geographical insight that goes beyond standard data cleansing. This proves especially beneficial for businesses and industries where location data is critical, such as logistics, marketing, and demographic analysis. The inclusion of geocodes in Record Validation empowers users to:

Enhance Precision: Geocodes provide a granular level of accuracy, allowing users to pinpoint the exact geographical location associated with each record. This precision is invaluable for applications where location accuracy is paramount.

  • Enable Spatial Analysis: The geographical context afforded by geocodes opens the door to spatial analyses. Users can visualize data on maps, identify trends based on location, and make informed decisions that consider the spatial distribution of information.
  • Improve Targeting and Marketing: For businesses engaged in targeted marketing or service delivery, geocodes enable a more refined approach. Marketers can tailor their strategies based on the specific locations of their target audience, optimizing the impact of their campaigns.
  • Facilitate Logistics and Planning: Industries dealing with logistics and supply chain management benefit from geocodes by efficiently mapping routes, optimizing delivery schedules, and strategically locating distribution centers.


While DataGroomr and Record Validation both offer a sound strategy to address validation in Salesforce, the overall features of RV make it stand out as a more comprehensive and robust solution than DataGroomr. For instance, the Live Validation feature that allows you to add an automatic validation check to any Salesforce page ensures you are taking proactive measures to tackle poor data at the source – the point of entry. As we’ve mentioned, the ability to extend the capabilities of RV to as many users as you wish gives you even more control and power to manage your address data. Additionally, if your business is heavily logistics focused or relies on making timely and accurate deliveries, the added benefits of geocodes will be something that should spark your interest.

In the end, the solution for your needs will naturally come down to your business goals and needs that are unique to only your business. Once you’ve identified your problem, you’re already taking steps in the right direction. With that said, the ultimate way to see if a solution delivers on its promise and suites your needs is to try it out. RV offers a free 14-day trial of RV with no strings attached! Get ahead of your data with Record Validation and feel the

Try Record Validation

Take the RV test drive today. Packed with all the features, and all the power. No credits cards or hassle!
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Try Record Validation

Take the RV test drive today. Packed with all the features, and all the power. No credits cards or hassle!
Get started today!
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