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Ruben van de Kamp
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May 15, 2018
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Our latest product update is here. After listening to feedback from our customers, we came up with a solution to find duplicates in large Salesforce organizations a lot quicker.


Duplicate Check for Salesforce is, as most might know, a native force.com application which means that data never leaves your own Salesforce environment. This makes Duplicate Check a safe and secure application. The downside to being a native app, is that the speed of Duplicate Check depends on the speed of the Salesforce servers. For organizations with many records, this means that it can take a long time to identify all existing duplicate records. With Duplicate Check Local, the speed of processing a Duplicate Check Job does no longer depend on Salesforce, but on the speed of your own device.

How it works

This is how it works. When starting a Job in Duplicate Check using Duplicate Check Local, your encrypted data is moved via a secure connection from the Salesforce server to a location on your personal device. As a next step, Duplicate Check Local processes the job on your local device (hence the name Duplicate Check Local) and when the job is finished, duplicate results are moved back to Duplicate Check on the Salesforce server. The speed of which this is done depends on the processing power of your own laptop or computer. The encrypted data is only stored on your personal device for as long as the job is running. After the duplicate records are found, the data is removed from your device automatically, making it safe and secure.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about Duplicate Check Local or any other service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Schedule a call with our support team, watch the video or read more about the technical aspects of Duplicate Check Local by visiting the knowledge base. Duplicate Check Local is available for users of our Advanced and Premium edition and is now ready for download.

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