Improve Data Quality: Plauti's Salesforce Suite Launch with Alibaba Cloud in China

December 14, 2023
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Alibaba and Salesforce Plauti data quality solutions

You may have heard the news - Alibaba Cloud has revealed that Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Platform will be launching on Alibaba Cloud from December 18, 2023. This strategic partnership heralds new, and transformative opportunities. The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce in China marks a significant milestone in spread and adoption of Salesforce as a leading worldwide CRM. However, with Salesforce adoption via Alibaba Cloud, an important concern comes to light—ensuring data quality within the Salesforce Alibaba Cloud.

This is where Plauti Data Management (PDM) takes the spotlight, a comprehensive native data management suite gearing up for an exclusive launch in partnership with Alibaba Cloud. PDM is the first mover and exclusive solution built in partnership with Alibaba Cloud. This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking moment, promising businesses in the Chinese market a native and compliant solution for managing Salesforce data quality.

As the first and exclusive data quality solution for Salesforce available on Alibaba Cloud, PDM stands as a testament to the commitment and trust in Plauti as the go-to solution for native, integrated data control. Plauti Data Management (PDM) holds immense promise for businesses seeking to optimize and safeguard their Salesforce data within the emerging landscape of the Chinese market.

Whether your business is currently in China or looking to expand their footprint into this region, Plauti and Alibaba Cloud pave the way for a new era of possibilities and advantages for businesses:

1. Elevating Data Strategies: Plauti acknowledges the pivotal role of data quality in business success. We invite businesses to share their insights, needs, and concerns regarding any Salesforce data operations in China. We stand ready to help organizations eyeing expansion, or already on the ground in the Chinese market to get started with an emphasis on data quality via our seamless integration within Alibaba's Salesforce Cloud.

2. First-Mover Advantage: The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce creates an unprecedented opportunity for businesses with a Salesforce footprint in China. No matter where in the world you are, data quality is of upmost importance to capture the true value of Salesforce. As a first mover and exclusive solution for data quality, PDM for Alibaba Cloud is the only way to ensure your data is control.

3. Navigating the New Era: As Salesforce prepares to make its mark in China, Plauti is a committed partner, working hard to understand the unique needs and challenges of businesses in the Chinese market. With over ten years of experience in Salesforce data management, Plauti extends its expertise to new horizons while ensuring that data quality, compliance, and scalability are front of mind.

Planning to use Salesforce in China? Have questions and want to discuss this development or any of your needs? Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our data quality experts.

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